Deep Energy Retrofit – Online Courses

A 5 part online series on deep energy retrofits (free) courtesy of SAIT Polytechnic and SSRIA.

In November 2023, SAIT’s Green Building Technologies Access Centre hosted multiple DER Discovery Sessions on the SAIT campus in Calgary, followed by multiple pilot deliveries of the DER course material (both in-person and via webinar), all of which were attended by interested construction industry professionals, SAIT faculty/instructors, SAIT students, and building owners/homeowners.

SSRIA funded the development of educational materials on residential deep energy retrofits (DER), mainly by creating an introductory DER Guidebook, by producing introductory DER course material delivered via five (5) modules linked below, and lastly by constructing physical DER wall example mock-ups for inclusion in SAIT’s existing wall library.

SAIT – DER Module 1 – Intro to Deep Energy Retrofits (45 min)

SAIT – DER Module 2 – Building Science (1 hour 31 min)

SAIT – DER Module 3 – Roadmap (1 hour 28 min)

SAIT – DER Module 4 – Energy Literacy (43 min)

SAIT – DER Module 5 – Case Studies (1 hour 35 min)

For more information consider exploring SAIT’s Deep Energy Retrofit Guidebook.